Your actions today can significantly impact the shape of your future. By taking a few strategic steps now, you may shorten the path to your goals and help ensure your financial independence.
My aim is to empower you to make informed decisions and take effective action toward meeting your specific goals. As a financial professional for the last 20 years, I work with my clients to meet their wealth protection, asset allocation, financial and estate conservation needs. Together we define a strategy, clarify your needs and aspirations and your financial requirements for each. We then discuss suitable strategies designed to help you meet your short- and long-term goals.   Just some of the areas include:
Individual Risk Management
I offer a variety of strategies designed to assist you in working toward your financial goals through the implementation of products and services that may include life insurance, annuities, disability and long-term care insurance, health insurance and business planning.
Financial Strategies
I can help create a financial strategy that looks like your total financial picture and gives you a comprehensive, recommended road map for organizing and addressing your major financial objectives, whether it be saving for retirement, education funding, addressing your investment goals or leaving a legacy for your heirs.
Investments and Retirement Funding
The breadth of our product and service offerings enables you to pursue a broad spectrum of investment objectives, including long-term growth of capital and current income.
Estate Conservation and Wealth Preservation
I offer strategies to help you conserve your assets and protect your estate from some of the federal and state tax obligations.   Such strategies include trusts, gift tax strategies and life insurance.   I can also assist you with the coordination of restructuring of insurance policies, early inheritance, spousal support and overall investment strategies.
With your business performance in mind, I can help you meet your needs for asset accumulation, distribution and protection, including:
Employee Benefit Plans, Pension and 401(k) Implementation
I can help you decide which benefits to offer and implement them to help you succeed in recruiting and keeping the best employees.
Business Succession Planning
I help to ensure that your company can survive the departure or death of the owner(s) or a key employee. I offer a variety of strategies and products, including life insurance to help address the loss of a key person, buy-sell agreements and stock redemption funding.
Employee Financial Planning and Seminars
Access to financial planning, as an employer-sponsored benefit, is an innovative and increasingly popular program. As an employer, it c an help you reward key executives, retain employees, boost participation in other company benefits, and enhance employee morale and productivity – all with potential cost savings to your business. Additionally, I can offer no-obligation educational seminars to employees.
Executive Benefit and Deferred Compensation Plans
Designed to help recruit, reward and retain valued employees, executive benefit and deferred compensation plans also provide valuable tax advantages to your business. I have extensive experience in the implementation of benefits, including bonus plans, cost-sharing plans, deferred compensation plans and other non-qualified retirement plans.
Because you have a lifetime of financial goals and objectives, I concentrate on building long-term relationships. And, as time goes by, you can count on me to be there to help you deal with the inevitable changes that are a part of life and to make sure that you stay on track to meet your objectives.